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Together, we’re offering an alternative...
As an independent, alternative voice in
the education side of
the environmental movement, and one
that pays its own
way, the ongoing
support of our mem-
bers remains crucial to
our success. We have established a number of options—in finances, services and goods—for making such contributions to the work of the institute. We
thank each member who helped sustain one of these efforts for thinking of us
during the year.
(The earth education tree is supported around the world
by its volunteer “trunk” of Associate representatives.
Many of them also help us financially. Whenever they appear in the lists that follow we’ve printed
their names in bold letters.)
2015 Supporters
(so we may give)
Annual Appeal Tribute Fund
Special Contributions
Futures Fund Internships
Cedar Cove Crews
Cedar Cove Wish List Cedar Cove Development Fund Founder’s Roster
Noble Thews
Publications Fund
Annual Appeal
♥Thanks for the special contributions this year from Kirk Hoessle, Alaska Wildlands Adventures, Mrs. Charles Larew, Bruce Johnson, Bill Hart, and IEE-Germany
Valentines are special ways of sharing, and we appreciated receiving these in 2015, mainly from our US and Canadian members:
♥Bob & Sue Brown18 Pat Epply12
♥Oliver Gillespie27 ♥Bill Hart5
♥Bert Horwood21
♥Bruce Johnson3
♥Kit Klein21
♥Mike Mayer & Michelle Yauger19
♥Jan Muir29
♥Terri Parks19
♥Kathleen Reese19
♥Dolores & David Siegenthaler10 ♥Steve Van Matre30
♥Lorna Way and Michael Pilgrim14 ♥Sallie Welte18
♥Debra L Zvanut3
♥gifts of $50.00 or more
(The numbers indicate how many years, including the current year, we have received Valentines from each contributor.)
Annual Report/17
I have now taught EK Level I for 10 years and Level II for about 7 years at St Clair County’s Goodell’s Park—a great spot for it. The best part for me is seeing today’s children outdoors and learning to care about our planet! You know they love it when they attend all 3 days even if it is snowing or raining. EK should be required for all schools all over! Our Earth needs everyone’s help! – Pat Epply
With deep appreciation for the devoted work of the institute. The earth needs our loving understand- ing and we need to understand our place in it as urgently as ever.
–David & Dolores Siegenthaler

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