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2015 Translation
Czech Earthkeepers Program Package Nears Completion
The team headed by Veronika Saad/Benková, Andrea Starková and Simona Jašová have been busy all year completing Earthkeepers in the Czech language. This year they have...
♦ Completed all the pilots at Stredisko ekologické výchovy Ceský ráj (Environmental Education Center Bohemian Paradise)
♦ Published the Earthkeepers book
♦ Published Earthwalks and Conceptual Encounters I
♦ Completed the DVD for the E.M.’s Lab Opening and Closing Ceremonies
♦ Completed the review of all of the materials that will be on the Conceptual Encounters I CD of masters for the activities and all of the Earthkeepers Program Package masters on that CD as well.
All that remains is to place the material on the appropriate electronic CD and this program will be available to centres in the Czech Republic. By the way, all of this was accomplished in the midst of a baby boy being born to the translation coordinator, Veronika. A special “Dekuju” to the Czech team for all its hard work and dedication in the completion of Earthkeepers in Czech.
Italian Muir Trek
In the beautiful mountains of Sardinia, translation team coordinator Gianluca Cacciotto and his team of Marcello Scarpa and Gabriella Deriu are busy translating and retranslating the Muir Trek Leader’s Manual, the Sketchbook, and the lenses with the John Muir quotes. In 2015 the team was able to tackle the most difficult part of the translation – the John Muir quotes and readings in the manual. What makes this so difficult is using Italian phrases and vocabulary that would have been more standard in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries when Muir did his writings.
Fortunately, Gianluca found a professional translator to take on the task and we are now in the process of retranslating portions to make sure the translation matches the original in English. Meanwhile work contin- ues on completing the rest of the manual and sketchbook in time for a Muir Trek Leadership Workshop that will take place in Sardinia. Grazie to the team!
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