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Spanish Earthkeepers
The good news is the final pilot of these materials has been completed in Bolivia at Centro de Ecologia Simon I. Patiño by César Javier Pérez Hurtado and his team with Gaia Pacha. In addition, Bruce Johnson and Mike Mayer met to create a publication and funding plan so that this project, that has been in the works since 2005, can finally be completed in 2016.
The current plan is to format the book, Earthwalks and a few remaining materials, use University of Arizona contacts to conduct a survey of Spanish speaking centres, universities, and other sites in Central and South America, and Spain that might be interested in Earthkeepers, and then have the materials published. The goal is completion by September 2016. In addition to the team in Bolivia, Muchas Gracias as well to Poli Griño, Pepe Marcos-Iga, Meredith de la Garza, Laurie Farber, Aqua Caliente Regional Park, the Cooper Center for Environmental Learning, and the University of Arizona College of Education for all their support over the years.
Chinese Earthkeepers
Work on the Chinese translation of Earthkeepers continues to move ahead. It began with an initial translat- ing team in 2007. That team has now been taken on by Zhang Donqing who works with FON (Friends of Nature) in Beijing. Final revisions are being made now to the Conceptual Encounters. The goal is to have everything completed in 2016. It will be a tremendous opportunity for the institute to have Earthkeepers Training Centers operating in China.
Slovenia Earthkeepers
Our translation team in Slovenia, headed by Ida Kavcic of Center Šolskih In Obšolskih Dejavnosti (Centre For School And Outdoor Education) and Darja Skribe Dimec of the University of Ljubljana has been hard at work on translating Earthkeepers. Piloting will begin in 2016 at a residential centre in the beautiful Karst region of Slovenia.
Italian Earthkeepers
Earthkeepers has been piloted in Italian under the leadership of Nino Malavenda at Refugio Jumarre, Angogna, in the foothills of the Alps. The Earthkeepers book has been pub-
lished in Italian, and the rest of the program package is being finalized so that other centres in Italy will be able to offer the program. In addition, the Italian
Branch of the institute, Ramo Italiano, coordinated by Carmela Caiazzo, has published Erath Education... A New Beginning in Italian.
Catalan Earthkeepers
We have put together a team to translate the Earthkeepers student materials into Catalan. Bruce Johnson led an Earth Education Workshop at Educacio
Ambiental Implicita in November, and met with the team. We hope the program will be piloted there in 2016.
Greek Earthkeepers
For the past several years, our team in Cyprus has translated and piloted Earthkeepers in Greek at the Cyprus Center for Environmental Research
and Education. Andreas Hadjichambis and Demetra Hadjichambi led the work. Look for publication of the Greek Earthkeepers book, Earthwalks, and program package in 2016.
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