Associate Member Registration

Membership Categories

Associates are individuals who want to “represent” our work and facilitate its growth, whether it is in the area of education, interpretation, or contemplation. Basically, they are committed to introducing others to what we do and helping them do it, too.
(Please note: Associates have petitioned and been accepted by the Board of Directors for their important role.)

Affiliates are individuals or organizations that want to maintain a direct “connection” with our work and help sustain its development. Basically, Affiliates aim to keep in touch and are willing to contribute financially in a supportive relationship with the institute.

Membership Levels

    PROFESSIONAL – individuals who use this work in their regular job ($35.00 US)ORGANIZATIONAL – groups who want to maintain a collective connection with this work ($50.00 US)STRUCTURAL – groups or individuals who support the underlying foundation this work is built upon ($100.00 US)

    Please send me a registration form I can print and I will enclose it with a check in USD drawn on a US bank for the membership category I have selected.I am returning my completed registration form electronically and will pay the membership fee noted via Paypal to, inserting “membership fee” in the Paypal record.I am returning my completed registration form electronically and will pay via a credit card through the shopping cart here.I am returning this registration form electronically. Please notify me if there is an Affiliate in my area that can accept payment in my currency.

    If you are mailing your form with a check, the postal address is:
    The Institute for Earth Education, P.O. Box 115, Greenville WV 24945

    Please add the following membership to my shopping cart: