Cedar Cove Artisans

(Many of the institute’s members over the years have contributed significantly to crafting Cedar Cove. They helped provide the structures, furnishings, gardens, design, artwork, and labor – lots of labor – to make the vision a reality. This special place exists today as a tribute to their support of an international home for the organisation, and you will see the results of their efforts throughout the site.)


Joe & Kim Banffy (Australia) Gianluca Cacciotto (Italy) Donn Edwards (US) Myles Farnbank (UK) Oliver Gillespie (US) Matt Haag (US) Kirk Hoessle (US) Chris Jones (UK) Jim Kilbane (US) Rob McKinnon (Canada) John Mitchell (Canada)    Kris Mosher (Australia/US) Chiyoko Ogawa (Japan)  Cristiano Pignataro (Italy)

Tom Shisler (US) Audrey Sillick (Canada) Makoto Takada (Japan) Maarten van Hardenbroek (Netherlands) Steve Van Matre (US) Jim Wells (US) Lars Wohlers & Sabine Heggeman (Germany)