Choosing a Course: Education



This one-day workshop includes an overview of the Rangers of the Earth program for 10-11 year olds, participation in outdoor activities from the program, and strategies for implementation and integration into the classroom or other setting. brote
The day includes outdoor experiences, plus indoor sessions focusing on introducing the program, processing the outdoor activities, and examining the implementation of the program back at home and school. Rangers of the Earth requires just two “day visits” to a natural area in two different seasons to implement (and those visits can be to different places). It is the institute’s first classroom-based program, requiring only the teacher and a helper, but it can be used just as successfully with youth groups or even holiday camps.


During the workshop participants:

  •  Learn earth education methods
  •  Participate in several outdoor activities
  •  Discover how to use the Ranger’s Universal Code
  •  Examine some of the props used in the program
  •  Review the steps in setting up a Ranger’s Training Camp