Choosing a Course: Education




This one-day workshop includes an overview of the Sunship Earth program for 10-11 year olds, participation in outdoor activities from the program, and strategies for implementation and integration into the classroom or other setting. Most of the workshop is held outdoors. Short indoor sessions focus on introducing the program, processing the outdoor activities, and reviewing the implementation of the program back at home and school.



This is a program with teeth. It is not a transitory experience, but a life-changing one. Sunship Earth has been offered in several countries since the 70’s. Dr. Nancy Bires completed a mixed methods study recently demonstrating the positive long-term influence of the program on environmental attitudes and actions in a community in Pennsylvania where students had been attending the program for over 30 years.

During the workshop, participants:


  • Learn earth education methods
  • Participate in fun-filled adventuresome activities
  • Discover the meaning behind the letters EC-DC-IC-A, representing the story of life
  • Examine some of the props used in the program
  • Review the steps in setting up a Sunship Study Station