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Dr. Lars Wohlers
IDN Executive Secretary
Boehmsholzer Weg 22a 21394 Heiligenthal-Suedergellersen
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Hello and Welcome to the Interpretive Design Network,
Thank you very much for your interest in interpretive design. Please keep in mind that you need to be an Affiliate or Associate member of The Institute for Earth Education in order to become a member of IDN. To best serve your interest in our common work and to check options for you to become involved, we would kindly ask you to briefly answer the questions below:

    First & Last name*:

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    What has been your involvement with the interpretive profession in general?

    When did you begin working in this field?

    What have you done so far in terms of interpretation/interpretive design (please specify)?

    Planning (e. g. exhibits, events, brochures, self-guided tours, guided walks, etc.)Delivering (e. g. guided tours, talks, etc.)AdministratingTraining

    Do you have any specific interest in interpretive design?

    No, I am generally interested in this work.Yes (please specify):

    How would you be able to support IDN?

    I would like to participate in / help coordinate / host a working group in my region.Other:

    General Comments:

    Thank you very much for your time. We will use this information to let others in the network know of your interest and invite them to share with you what they are doing. Please forward this registration to me at the above address.